Mission Statement

To promote Geomatics professional development, practice and ethics and expansion in all disciplines for the benefit of members and the public

Vision Statement

To be recognized as a dynamic and innovative professional body which provides value - added services in the Geomatics and related fields


  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Team work
  • Professionalism
  • Aims and Objectives

    The objectives of the Institute shall be to secure the advancement and facilitate the acquisition of the knowledge that constitutes to the Geomatics Profession, namely:

  • Measuring and delineating the physical features of the earth, and representing these in an appropriate manner both in hard copy format and in digital format
  • Facilitate/encourage accessible geo-spatial information services
  • To contribute to the development of the country and serve its people through the application of Geomatics
  • Surveying properties for various purposes, ie engineering and construction
  • Promoting interest in Geomatics and to enhance the usefulness of this profession to the public
  • Enhance or further technical and professional knowledge in these fields thereby improving the ability of members to provide competent, quality and valuable service
  • To promote honorable practice by the control and exercise of discipline over the professional conduct of members
  • To initiate from time to time or as may be necessary a scale or scales of professional fees
  • To set and modify as may be necessary the qualifications required for membership within the various grades and disciplines of the Institute and uphold the continuous professional development of its members
  • To maintain affiliation with FIG, ICA and any other relevant body/bodies that the Institute affiliates to
  • To assist Geomatics students in getting proper industrial training attachments and linking course outlines with real world Geomatics challenges
  • To market the Institute and raise sponsorships and promote relationship with stakeholders
  • To open bank, building society or post office accounts in the name of the Institute and to draw, accept, endorse, make and execute bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques and other negotiable instruments connected with the business and affairs of the Institute
  • To raise or borrow money in such manner as the Institute may think fit
  • To invest the funds of the Institute which are not immediately required upon such security as may from time to time be determined
  • To control the overall running of the Institute in Zimbabwe by acting as necessary to prevent infringements of and to enforce the statutes, regulations of the Institute, FIG and all laws to protect the Institute from being abused
  • To promote the organizational structures of the Institute
  • To ensure compliance with the set tariff
  • To market the Geomatics industry and all its practitioners
  • To do all acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above-mentioned objects