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Zimbabwe Institute of Geomatics (ZIG) is a professional body that seeks to lobby and address all the gaps currently being experienced in the Geomatics industry in Zimbabwe. It serves the interest of the young and old, the experienced and the unexperienced, the vulnerable and the powerful. ZIG does this through addressing the need for change in the roles involved in shaping this profession using the energy expected from the young Geomaticians coupled with the knowledge and experience from our respected seniors of this wonderful profession

ZIG was formed in response to the need for change in ways of handling Geomatics matters, the use of the “Surveying” term in this modern world is slowly being phased out as the new order gives birth to the use of a term “Geomatics” which clearly encompasses all the disciplines.

What is Geomatics?

Geomatics is both a professional discipline and an applied science. It is made up of several fields that include Geographical Information Science (GISc), Engineering Survey, Land/Cadastral Survey, Mining Survey, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

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